We specialize in making high quality design drawings from 3D CAD models of inventions.

  • Rest assured your design drawing will be error-free
    All of our 3D model-based design drawings are made with the built-in reliability of the 3D CAD software to produce accurate  2D drawings.
  • Ensure that your design is accurately depicted with sufficient corroborating views
    Our drawings illustrate all angles and views of a claimed design feature directly from the 3D model.
  • File clear and unambiguous design drawings
    Hedcuts, our stipple-shaded design drawings are undeniably one-of-a-kind in both appearance and “accuracy”.

Why are accurate and unambiguous design drawings critical?

  1. Defective drawing disclosures can render design patents  that have already been issued as invalid and unenforceable, resulting in significant losses to the patent owner.
  2. Defective drawing disclosures can cause drawing rejection, delay the issuing date, increase prosecution costs, and increase the time needed to enforce patent protection. This can also result in significant losses to the patent owner, especially considering the fast-paced business environment and short life cycle of a product.
  3. Drawing errors in the initial filing can trigger new matter related rejections that can be overcome only by disclaiming important parts of the design and reducing the scope of protection and patent enforcement.
  4. Defective drawing rejection can decrease the confidence level of an attorney providing service, causing loss to competitors and tainted brand reputation.

Hedcut Samples

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