Every Detail Matters.

Most patent lawyers come from a background in engineering or another highly technical field and the reason for this is obvious: when it comes time to protect inventions that are technical in nature, it is absolutely essential that you understand what it is you are protecting. Unfortunately, most of the patent drafters out there do not have the same technical background that you do, and this is reflected in their output.
At IP DaVinci we are different. In addition to being in business since 1999, our core team also holds advanced degrees in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. This means that, in addition to the ability to create your utility patent illustrations, we also have the ability to understand exactly what it is that your invention does.

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The IP DaVinci Advantage

Our team of expert utility patent illustrators uses the latest drafting tools and automated technologies to ensure that you always get concise, accurate patent illustrations with multiple views. Here are just a few of the key advantages we offer our clients:

Relevant Industry Experience

When it comes to design patent illustrations, relevant experience matters. Our team has been keeping customers happy since 1999, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Expert Quality Control

We have developed an in-house framework of methods that ensure our drawings are always in compliance with all relevant USPTO drawing rules, regulations, and conventions.

Mechanical Engineering Background

Powered by advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, we specialize in creating expert-level utility patent drawings that are accurate, reliable and affordable.

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